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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The Pride 10K 2017 - Gallery now live

Start of this years 10k run

We've been enjoying a quiet August so far allowing plenty of time to plan and prepare for our super busy Autumn season, but last Saturday we were out in action at the Pride 10k. There's always a fabulous atmosphere within Victoria Park during the race and due to the multi lap nature of the course friends and family have plenty of chances to cheer on the runners. The team at Front Runners put on a good race and after party!

SSP HQ was a hive of activity Saturday evening to make the gallery live on Sunday. You can see the images here -

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Derek, The Race Director alongside actor Cyril Nri and Pride in London co-chair Alison Camps

Strong start for the overall winner (in yellow)

Guess who spotted Tony

Good smiles

Powering along the main straight

Wonderful wings

4 Star Ninja?

Enthusiastic photo bomb 

10 points for effort 

worn with Pride

Strong finish

Spiderman has the perfect finish technique 

Perfecting the finish technique with double thumbs up

Introducing the winners and starting the party

Smiles with the celebrities

This weekend it's a fun, muddy Brutal, entries still available at and you have choice of 5km, 10km or 20km. We hope to see you out there. 

Until next time, enjoy your running
Tony - not Anthony (yes, two people in the small office with the same name...)

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Oxfam Trailwalker 2017 - gallery now live

The view from the Finishing line for the Oxfam Trailwalker

The Oxfam Trailwalker 2017 gallery was made live on Monday, with all the action from Saturday's and Sunday's hard walking along the 100km route along the South Downs Way.

How to find your pictures
With the rain at some points it's possible your number wasn't visible to the camera. You may need to search through the photos to find them and get them changed.

Use your full race number to search for your images, for example "304A", and then also search through using just "304" and also the "000" results. If you find any images that are not correctly tagged with your full race number - add them to a lightbox and share it with us on - that way we can correct the image and it will be included in a collection of all your race photos.

Please make sure any collection orders are made with just you as the subject of the image, this helps us to speed up the order processing. Thank you.

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Fitting a silencer to the latest handheld special issue gadgets at the start

High fiving their way out of the start

That knowing look at the start
Smurf standard issue leggings

over here !! No, just show us your number ok.

Striding out with a smile after the downhill in the background

This events computer wallpaper for you to download

Overkill on the sunglasses to be honest

Theresa May and the fields of wheat, re-imagined

Bignor Hill transmitters are all ok in the background

she walked the whole way doing this. Massive battery in her backpack.

"It's raining, she won't share her umbrella, so just get me an Uber and meet me at the Amberly checkpoint. Car for two" 

When an Englishman goes out in the midday sun

There's no "I" in Team. nor umbrellas.

"I spoke to the Race director, and then he said that they also do this event in Summer!"

Still not raining early on so all ok - you can see the transmitters of Bignor in the left horizon background (just)

Why is it raining again !!

No heavy petting on the slopes please

Bring your own light source

Yes, everything under control. Going well. Cheers. yes, look away now. #ponchofail

Stand Easy. Wind affects play.

Vive le France !

Good to see the Italians advancing forwards.

That finishing line worth waiting for !

Excellent performance from the Ghurka Regiment
A very well done to many of you over the weekend of the trailwalker. It was a big ask all round, I had 9am to 5:30pm sat in one spot on Bignor hill on Saturday and watched the rain wash in and out several times until the cloud levels literally became unreasonable.  To all those who walked past and offered to swap,  why did you all chicken out when I said I was sat in a puddle on the chair and had put in an 8 hour shift without a break whatsoever ? It's easier to run the route next time is my tip !

It's a very quiet weekend coming up, although there is the Isle of Man Tough Mann to enter and take part in if you're feeling like you need a quick break. We help out with the event and provide the Pic2Go technology, but don't go there ourselves, but it's a great event if you're going in that direction !

Enjoy the Trailwalker Gallery and remember to search for your images the right way to get the most out of the gallery tagging and maximise your return.

Until next time, Train hard

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